We provide our customers with extensive training to ensure success with each installation and project.

End User Training

MC Austin Responsibilities

  • Number of users: 8-10 per session
  • Locations: Installation site conference room
  • During the hours of Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • MC Austin will work with the System Administrators to develop appropriate handouts for End Users​

Customer Responsibilities

  • System Administrators will work with the MC Austin installation team to coordinate and manage End User training classes
  • Provide an adequate training area for End Users and notify all End Users of training schedules
  • Provide additional electrical outlets that may be needed in training classroom

System Administrator Training

MC Austin Responsibilities

MC Austin will provide basic System Administrator Training during the installation of the system, including logging into systems, backup procedures, and maintenance procedure information.

MC Austin can provide System Administration Training documentation in the following format:

  • Documents on CD or Thumb drive format or paper documents
  • Training for the System Administrators on the specific equipment and software at their site
  • Additional training after the system installation will be provided at no additional cost to the customer, as long as a Maintenance Agreement is in place

Customer Responsibilities

  • Provide System Administrators and the time for System Administrators to work with the MC Austin installation team to coordinate the System and Station Review process
  • System Administrators will schedule End User training classes and be available for managing the training class logistics: training site location and availability, confirming End User attendance, assuring the Customers business practices in the use of system resources, and assisting in training remote End Users


MC Austin Responsibilities

De-Installation services include all of the required activities to complete the de-installation of the Customer’s supported equipment

  • Disconnect cables and power connections from the device
  • Physically remove the individual device from its installed location, whether it is on a shelf or rack
  • Equipment will be packed in appropriate materials supplied by the Customer

Customer Responsibilities

  • Procure any necessary permits and approvals
  • Comply with all safety and environmental requirements
  • Provide a single point-of-contact at the de-installation site for the MC Austin Field Technician
  • Provide appropriate packing materials and labels for equipment, if packing equipment is desired

Definition of Completeness

De-Installation services are considered complete when the equipment is packed and labeled.

Project Control

To effectively determine the degree to which the project plan is being met, the MC Austin Project Manager (PM) will follow a plan to control and manage the Customer’s project through a communication plan, change control, and variance management.

As part of the communication plan, the MC Austin PM and the Customer will jointly establish the time and frequency for status meetings (or conference calls), document meeting results, and distribute meeting notes, including action items. For effective scheduling and cost control, progress measurements will start as the project begins and continually utilized throughout to measure the performance of the Customer’s project. The project road map provides a baseline from which to judge progress, comparing planned activities, in-progress activities, and the actual completion of those activities. The PM will identify variances to plan and take action to correct or limit its impact on the project.

The MC Austin PM will utilize a change control strategy to identify and document changes to the original scope. The PM will screen and assess the impact of the change on the project timelines, obtain client approval, implement the change if required, and maintain a log of all change requests and their treatment. Any agreed to changes will be reflected in the project plan.