MC Austin collaborated with an industry-leading provider to provide Barron & Newburger, P.C. a customized, fully managed, and secure IT solution.


When law firm Barron & Newburger, PC approached MC Austin to consolidate their IT and voice networks, we helped find the right partner for the project.

Top Considerations

  • Create a cohesive IT and voice solution

  • Leverage technology for a large remote workforce
  • Securely manage computers, software applications and servers
  • Stay within budget


Step 1: Assessment

We determined the firm’s needed functionality by mapping the current technology, network topology, software applications, remote worker needs, service requirements, and security characteristics.

Step 2: Solution Design

After careful assessment and budget considerations, a combination of software, computers, firewalls, and local resources were identified as the right solution for the client’s needs.

Step 3: Implementation

We managed the architected infrastructure with a comprehensive project management approach including ongoing and detailed communications.

“MC Austin has been a long term partner for Barron & Newburger, PC throughout our history. As a national law firm, the need for reliable IT provisioning, service, and telephony cannot be overstated. MC Austin recognized our needs in these areas and helped us develop best practices solutions that met our needs while keeping our services active through changes. Their staff and engineers are knowledgeable and easy to work with both strategically and technically.” – Howard Lenett, COO


The new system was implemented as scheduled and with minimal disruption to the legal team while staying on budget. The firm now has the desired management and control of its software and hardware assets while users are secure and pleased with the service.

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